Monday, June 25, 2012

Magnetically Bound

Dated: March 18, 1997

She slept near him,
She wispered and watched
The Winter Wind.

Over-thinking the young man
Lathered and drooled when he saw her
It was like a chocolate pound playing musically
With a petal rose,
And the winter wind
Shot Madly away
From the Storm and
Then the Summer wind baked in
Which started to cook and seem to boil
While the comfort from the chocolate lathered their bodies.

@ copyright 2012. By~ Cindy Bradley

Which Way Does The Wind Blow?

Which, way, does the wind wind blow?
I need to know because I love you so?
Is it blowing from where you are?
It seems so very far;
I just want to know which way does the wind blow?

When the streets are cold in Chicago and
There is no where left to turn
I flew down South 300 miles and kinda swerved
Now it's dry here and I stirred up the wind again

I pray for rain again,
To save the world;
My dear friends.

@ Copyright pending 2012. by Lucinda Kerrigan.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Maybe In Time
By: Lucinda Kerrigan
April 16, 2012
copyright pending 

Your hiding what your really know about everything
For some reason there are some things
You don’t want to tell or share with me
Maybe in time you will
Maybe in time you won’t
Maybe in time
I will stop trying to figure you out and analyze your way of thinking
It’s too complicated anyway

Maybe in time
We can work it all out
Maybe in time
We will drift apart again
I don’t want that but I can’t force you
To love me dear
Maybe in time
You will fall in love with me all over again
Maybe in time you’ll see
That we are meant to be
Maybe in time


JUNE 8, 2012
copyright pending

Finally I am over you
Finally I have made peace within myself
And put your memory on the shelf
And now I am thinking only of myself

I tried to deny that I
After 7 years you plagued my mind
I tried to hide behind the feelings
Now I have for another man
And he truly understands
How hard it was to break down the walls
That you imprisoned me with your lies
And now I am done with crying
No more tears will come down my cheeks out of my eyes

Goodbye, dear ex
And have a nice life…

Sunday, April 15, 2012

JUST DO IT~ 1st Dance Song Ever Written! New Release!~

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
Written: April 15, 2012
(1st Dance Song ever written?)
copyright pending

Just do it
I wanna see you get up here on the dance floor
And stop saying you will
Just do it
Wanna see you spin round and round
Get your head buzzed up in the dance clouds
While the DJ pounds out each sound

Just do it
I know you wanna
Just do it
What are you waiting for?

Just do it
All night long
C’mon baby, join me out here among the crowd
Have no fears…just do it
I wanna see your moves and see if you can still groove so…
Just do it-just do it-just do it-just do it-….