Sunday, April 15, 2012

JUST DO IT~ 1st Dance Song Ever Written! New Release!~

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
Written: April 15, 2012
(1st Dance Song ever written?)
copyright pending

Just do it
I wanna see you get up here on the dance floor
And stop saying you will
Just do it
Wanna see you spin round and round
Get your head buzzed up in the dance clouds
While the DJ pounds out each sound

Just do it
I know you wanna
Just do it
What are you waiting for?

Just do it
All night long
C’mon baby, join me out here among the crowd
Have no fears…just do it
I wanna see your moves and see if you can still groove so…
Just do it-just do it-just do it-just do it-….

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