Friday, November 11, 2011

My Love

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
December 18, 1997
copyright pending

My love is a rose
When smelled just right
My love is a blanket
When wrapped around so tight
My love is a kind of love
That can be seen in many ways
On any given nights and days
When the clouds part
Showing a clear sky
Or when the fog invades
The nighttime dark
However, you like it
My love is there for you my dear

When you’re cold, lonely,
And there is no place to go
Stay home for I’ll soon
Be there for you to hold and
Everything your senses sense
Will seem new not old

Don’t be laden with worrying
That won’t get you far
Before my plane lands
Just get inside your car
I might even get there before you do
Saying, “come out, come out wherever you are?”

Just then, I realize that
This can’t be thought of
Since your expediency never fails
To get you to your destiny
Where your love meets my love

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