Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Faith By My Side

by: Lucinda Kerrigan
November 21, 2006
copyright pending

You tried to build walls
Around my heart
But you didn't get very far
And now I have torn it apart
I am reaching into a new dream
Without you with me

I am looking into a new sky
Facing a new life
I may never know why
You said good bye
But that is alright
I still have faith by my side

I repented my sins and have been baptized
Nothing in our past
Will hold me back this time
I have a vision in my mind
As I wipe a tear from my eye

When I look back
I was too young and sad
To say "yes" to any man
Yet now I am glad
That I have another chance
So since then I have found new hope
And I have decided it's time
To let you go

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