Sunday, October 23, 2011

When You

written by: Lucinda Kerrigan
March 14, 2006
copyright pending

When you touch me
My skin melts yours
Then your eyes meet mine
And it makes me feel like
I'm in our eternal paradise

When you kiss me
You release me
And set my soul at ease
Your love is sensually free

When you hold me
I know I'm in a safe haven
Your love to me is only what I'm craving

When you caress me
I feel my spirit rise
There is no end
To all this pleasure tonight

When you tease me
I know you miss me
There is no greater feeling in the world

When you touch me
All those fascinating love things
As you show me now are being done

I learn to appreciate
The beauty of love
Oh, then you tell me I'm yours
By the way you present
Yourself so real to me

I can't wait until the next time
You decide to stay and dance
With my heart in your hands and play
A song to me I will never forget
For the rest of my life

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