Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love Music

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
Written: January 2, 2002

Painting a picture
Is like creating life over and over again
Turning and sketching different images on each
New blank page presents indefinite opportunities
Beyond love and beyond the calculation of time.

Societies come and societies go
But on thing I know that will remain always
Is that love music never dies
It is an art in which each song paints
A special portrait for our minds
Which is always changing and
Expanding our knowledge of the world
Causing a continuance in life's
Forever chorus of endurance and of spirit
Unlike anything else and...

Only God,
Can be the true concertmaster of this
Internal and external gift of love music
Because we are his players and illustrators
And now more than ever before
It is time to invent the next masterpiece
In the library of inventions and new creations
For our precious passionate life giving love music.
Now and forevermore.

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