Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Dream Trail Bridging Love And Reality

written by: Lucinda Kerrigan
Date: Wednesday, March 28, 2007
copyright pending

I went out on the trail today
Looking for love to find me somehow, someday
Nature was speaking to me
Through the trees I heard
Earth whispering silent words
In which only I could discern

Through the wind
The soft spring breeze
Touched my soft skin and
Suddenly I felt emotions
From the past surrounding me again

As I turned and walked back
The other way
I felt like I was walking down
Memory lane

Stretching myself over each step
I came to a bridge
That layed ahead
With a split forking a new path
Where light and darkness met
The sun was approaching the time to set

Quickly and decisively I begin my ascend
I follow the calling from the other side of the bridge
My destiny is beckoning to me
To change direction
My heart is summoning to seek
New adventures and a love only known
As a different kind of free love
Waiting patiently

As I reached closer to the other side of the bridge
The sun is almost dipped underneath the edge of the sky
The horizon caught me by the eye
I extend my foot forward for the last step
Trying to outrace the final seconds
Before the night takes over
And moon starts to rise

Shaken inside my soul
I try to not let my emotions take control
I breathe in and close my eyes
Thoughts of you race passionately yet quickly leave me completely and forever
Yesterday's love
At the same instant  when I opened my eyes

Now, the trail and the bridge are gone are past me
I am now on the other side looking behind me
All of a sudden,
I wake up startled
Clinging to a pillow very tightly in a frenzied moment
I am now in the future and in my new life

I found myself in the present real world
With a handsome man
Lying beside me
With arms draped lovingly
Over my body

Startled from his sleep
When I jerked fiercely and quickly
He felt the motions
Rocking his body
Then he asked lovingly and with respect and concern;
"Sweetheart what is wrong"?

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