Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beyond Love

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
July 28, 1998
Copyright pending

Alone on a desert
Adrift by the sea
I hear from afar
My lover calling out to me
Is this beyond love or a mere dream?

Hopelessly searching for an unknown desire
I keep on looking beyond love
Yet infatuation is still heard quite loudly

What is the next step?
Why is resolution not making
Much of any sort of sense?
If I could talk to you
Reach and out and touch the
Companionship  I miss
Would it be heaven again
Or a different sense of bliss?
Is this all there is?
Beyond love...beyond love...

Into a secret bypass under a bridge
I can feel our likeness almost
As if your here and each time
Your lips move or you think
That I can hear your thoughts well
I do because beyond love
Anything can happen out of a dreaming mood

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