Monday, October 17, 2011

Evolving Into Lovelight

by: Lucinda Kerrigan
April 26, 1998
copyright pending

Moonlight illuminates my windowpane
Neutralizing loneliness and shielding me from your
Omniscient moon-ray blooming the indiglo daisies
In your heart as the sea waters part

While a silver fish glides along the
Internal ocean tank wave
I dream a dream of the day
When I will be saved from all of this
Overbearing solitary pain

Then, repulsive shadows take away
An enormous shake while sharing
Moments together with you and I
Inside on our lathering bed making love
Above needed languid music with
Warmth pouring inside from an open sky
Catching our incubate eye though
Only occurring when the wind
Is blowing freely amidst and
Among a French peril night
Sordidly screaming for a light
To cry like a goddess ship lost
In diamond time waiting beside
A figurative line consisting of honey and perfect wine

This is what ran through my mind
Due to incurring repetitive moonlight
Renown as a deeper feeling
Evolving into lovelight

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