Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Lost Soul

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
1st Draft: June 25, 1995
Final draft: May 11, 2008
Copyright pending

Like a ship at sea
My soul has been anchored
At the embodied harbor

Floating endlessly
It ceases to welcome the
Nourishing water
Without acknowledging
Its surroundings
It continues to be lost

My lost soul at sea
Is calling out to me
I respond but it doesn't hear me
I wish there was something
That I could do now
I feel so blue
I will go and bring back
My lost soul

Afraid it will drift away
I bring it back before it's too late
Now I'm not as blue
Relief comes with time
I'm so glad I have my soul again
There is no way that I
Could live without it

I don't remember exactly
How I managed to bring it back
It doesn't matter anymore
Because it's here to stay

Finally I feel in control of
My lost soul after all the times
That it let go

Any day now I'll drag it back out
Into the tide of life
Traveling on a voyage
Is where this soul is bound to go

Onshore the wind is still
The rain of love keeps falling down

My lost soul has given me
Too much of an ordeal
Since its been back
It's quite a nuisance
So, I'm throwing it back into the sea
Where it will stay and
Never come creeping back

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