Friday, October 21, 2011

Drowned Angel

Drowned Angel
By: Lucinda Kerrigan
October 21, 2011
Copyright pending

Be still my soul
Listen to my broken heart
One day at a time
I need to pray
To survive through
This hard time

I am a drowned angel
Surrounded in a pool of tears
Surrounded by terrifying fears
Chains that bound me
Walls that I can’t break alone
I am alone in my feelings
Only God can save me
From falling to the bottom
Of the ocean
Like he did when I was young
In the Lake of Michigan
At the age of 13
So young so innocent and so free
I wannabe back in that feeling again
Of inner peace and serenity

Drowned angel
I am not the only one
After trials and tribulations
I am letting God in
He is knocking at the door
Bringing hope and faith and love
I am waiting for answers
But I see are broken pieces
Scattered about me

Problem solving is one of my strengths
Being hurt and a stress disorder victim
Is my new challenge
I am in a chapter in my life
Making a new beginning
This drowned angel
Will submerge out of the water
And fly high again into sky
And touch the ground
And run to God’s arms
And he will carry me home

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