Monday, October 3, 2011

Driest Eyes

by: Lucinda Kerrigan
March 21, 2008
Copyright Pending

I must have the driest eyes
In the world tonight
When I should be
Crying for sorrow for being
Depressed and happy at the same time.

Oh God, why do my eyes
Not reflect what my heart is feeling right now
And don't even mention my mind and how
It gets to me all the time.

I feel like I've crossed this desert
Of loneliness before
It's becoming an every night tug of war
And I'm not sure
How much longer
I can keep my head
Above the rising waters

When I blink
A new day comes
And I still have
The driest eyes in the world

When will I, Oh God,
Find inner peace inside,
After all this time,
I've only caught a piece of it
A time or two.

Oh God, when I blink
My eyes fill with a few tears but
Don't stay long
They just pass through me
And I am still left alone and empty inside
Until happiness, joy and peace
Comes back into my life.

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