Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kaleidoscope Collision

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
March 4, 2008
Copyright pending

My brain is like a
Cuckoo kaleidoscope
Running on over time
With many colors
Crossing a fine line
Between genius and insanity
This so-called technological society
I pray won't kill me
I just, I just wanna be
Simple and free

I have a new attitude
My mood swings
Are half happy and
Half of everything else
Why can't I find a
Place in-between like
Medium over-easy?
Is there such a thing?

Then, one day, not too long ago,
I met a young fellow
And he is the one who keeps me
Peaceful and so very mellow

He is like an addiction
Can't get enough of his
Sweet love and his hazel eyes that
Stare into my blue ocean eyes
Uplifting our spirits high into the sky, yeah,
Our kaleidoscopes are gonna collide once
We see so clearly through to the other side

Past the night skies
Through the telescope
We will see all the way to
The other side of the milky way
Just him and me
Then as one on one we will embrace
And we will be totally free

May it come now
I feel a collision
On the horizon
Baby, crash into me
Hurry before it's too late
We must figure out however first,
Why the world treats us bad this way

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