Monday, October 17, 2011

Looking for Inspiration

by: Lucinda Kerrigan
October 26, 2009
copyright pending

I seem to be on a long writer's block
My writing abilities are screaming to come out
Sometimes I just don't have anything new to say
But I am still looking for inspiration always anyway

I've turned a page
I am in a new chapter in my life
My past is now just
A shadow in my mind

Old memories plague me
From every which way
Good and bad
Night and day
I must decide which ones go
And which ones can stay
Sometimes it is hard to say
I guess memories come from
Things that happen commonly in life
But there are circumstances that try to stand in my way
Push me further to the edge
With nowhere to run away
So, I take control back into my hands
Like a puppeteer holding the strings
I am not going to let destiny and fear win the game

Looking ahead and walking forward
I am stronger today then I was yesterday
Just when I think
I am stuck in the middle of time
The present quickly goes into the past in my mind

Still, I keep looking for inspiration
But it isn't something just lying around
It isn't easy to find and it is expensive
Like a bottle of wine
Especially for a poet
Running out of rhymes

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