Sunday, October 23, 2011

When You

written by: Lucinda Kerrigan
March 14, 2006
copyright pending

When you touch me
My skin melts yours
Then your eyes meet mine
And it makes me feel like
I'm in our eternal paradise

When you kiss me
You release me
And set my soul at ease
Your love is sensually free

When you hold me
I know I'm in a safe haven
Your love to me is only what I'm craving

When you caress me
I feel my spirit rise
There is no end
To all this pleasure tonight

When you tease me
I know you miss me
There is no greater feeling in the world

When you touch me
All those fascinating love things
As you show me now are being done

I learn to appreciate
The beauty of love
Oh, then you tell me I'm yours
By the way you present
Yourself so real to me

I can't wait until the next time
You decide to stay and dance
With my heart in your hands and play
A song to me I will never forget
For the rest of my life

Next to My Heart

Written by: Lucinda Kerrigan
Date completed: October 23, 2011
Copyright pending

** This poem was three years in the writing! Completed today!**

Behind the rain
My tears have fallen
From the sky
And I thought about you
Then there you were
Like I was day dreaming

Along the sun rays
Beams of happy memories
From us together
Flood my mind

I reach out to a rainbow
Across a glacier
The way I used to
Reach out to you every night

As I close my eyes
I still envision
Our love the way
It was and to me
It will always be

After the sun sets
The moon will rise
And I will kiss the stars
To capture the feeling
Like when we kissed
A thousand rainbows lit up and glistened
Angels rejoiced in heaven at that moment
But now it is only a picture framed next to my heart

Take Me Home

Written by: Lucinda Kerrigan
January 2008
Copyright pending
Dedication: to all the patients ever was, is and in the future of Tinley Park State Hospital, IL'
Publication: Was published in the Hospital's newsletter in 2008.

Save us,
Oh God,
Protect us,
Nurture us,
Shield us,
Oh God, we need you.

Give us understanding,
Show us your grace,
Teach us all your ways,
Bless us so we may
Bless everyone we meet and greet.

I love you Sweet Savior,
You are the light of the world.

I am waiting for you to carry me,
Into the harbor inside,
The goodness of my soul.

Lord God, please take control
Of my life and take me home.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Drowned Angel

Drowned Angel
By: Lucinda Kerrigan
October 21, 2011
Copyright pending

Be still my soul
Listen to my broken heart
One day at a time
I need to pray
To survive through
This hard time

I am a drowned angel
Surrounded in a pool of tears
Surrounded by terrifying fears
Chains that bound me
Walls that I can’t break alone
I am alone in my feelings
Only God can save me
From falling to the bottom
Of the ocean
Like he did when I was young
In the Lake of Michigan
At the age of 13
So young so innocent and so free
I wannabe back in that feeling again
Of inner peace and serenity

Drowned angel
I am not the only one
After trials and tribulations
I am letting God in
He is knocking at the door
Bringing hope and faith and love
I am waiting for answers
But I see are broken pieces
Scattered about me

Problem solving is one of my strengths
Being hurt and a stress disorder victim
Is my new challenge
I am in a chapter in my life
Making a new beginning
This drowned angel
Will submerge out of the water
And fly high again into sky
And touch the ground
And run to God’s arms
And he will carry me home

Drowned Angel

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
October 21, 2011
copyright pending

Drowned Angel
By: Lucinda Kerrigan
October 21, 2011
Copyright pending

Be still my soul
Listen to my broken heart
One day at a time
I need to pray
To survive through
This hard time

I am a drowned angel
Surrounded in a pool of tears
Surrounded by terrifying fears
Chains that bound me
Walls that I can’t break alone
I am alone in my feelings
Only God can save me
From falling to the bottom
Of the ocean
Like he did when I was young
In the Lake of Michigan
At the age of 13
So young so innocent and so free
I wannabe back in that feeling again
Of inner peace and serenity

Drowned angel
I am not the only one
After trials and tribulations
I am letting God in
He is knocking at the door
Bringing hope and faith and love
I am waiting for answers
But I see are broken pieces
Scattered about me

Problem solving is one of my strengths
Being hurt and a stress disorder victim
Is my new challenge
I am in a chapter in my life
Making a new beginning
This drowned angel
Will submerge out of the water
And fly high again into sky
And touch the ground
And run to God’s arms
And he will carry me home

Thursday, October 20, 2011

In You

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
June 28, 2006
copyright pending

In my mind, I see you
In my soul, I feel that you are there
Wherever I go you follow me

Whenever I'm down
I will seek you
Oh Lord, I trust you
To take my hand when
I'm desperate
Or when I need you to carry me

In your footsteps
There is comfort
In your embrace
There is solace
In your voice
There is strength
In your touch
There is healing
In you, there is everything
That I could ask for and more

Whatever comes my way
It won't stand half a chance
Up against my faith
I know I can conquer
My greatest fears
In you, there is a reason to believe

Jesus, your joy is unexpected
Your love is pure
In you, I have more than a friend
I have a savior to call my own
In you, we are two shadows
Walking beside the rising and the setting sun
In you, there is new life
In you, there is everything
Now and forever, Amen.

Monday, October 17, 2011

After the Storm

by: Lucinda Kerrigan
June 25, 2011
copyright pending

After the storm has passed
After harsh words have been said between us
Please dear let’s let peace in
And the winds die down

I no longer wish to yell or shed a tear
My emotions have worn me down
Left me worn out and full of fear
Can’t take another day or night
Trapped in these feelings
Imprisoning me and hindering us
Just want to be the one to give you love

After the storm
The sun comes out
The birds fly across the sky
The day has begun
The sun has already risen
And I am still listening….
After the storm

Counting My Blessings

by: Lucinda Kerrigan
October 16, 2011
copyright pending

I am starting to really like it here
Don’t feel like moving nowhere else
I am settled in this sleepy ole town
And I have run out of road to run down
The gasoline prices are too high
And I am too happy to leave this time

I look out my apartment window
At the world below
Bustling out there on the street
With youth and business people buzzing around

Loud music, youth hanging out, doors slamming,
Crazy drivers in this hood
When is the law gonna run them amuck?

In a way, if I had the money
I would go to a better place
Fancier appliances and gadgets of this new century
And have a Porsche Mercedes
Would it make me feel better materially, well yes!
But spiritually, no!

I got my husband, my mother, and the Good Lord
That is all I need to be happy and free
Everything else is part of surviving
And can’t forget my friends
They are like family to me
Strong like a rock
That I can lean on when times are tough
Someone to call around the clock

Busy as a bee that’s me
Between school, work, running errands and caretaking
Projects and hobbies are barely a part time thing
Just some time in between
Thank you God for all of my blessings
I count them all thanks to you

A Light Moving Journey

by: Lucinda Kerrigan
June 16, 1998
copyright pending

The fiery light beckoned to me
Awakening the lonely portions in my soul

Like a lost warrior coming
Out of a dark past
You taught me how to control
And use what I know

If it weren't for your love
Calling to my imaginations
How could I ever
Keep on learning to hold
A light moving journey
Towards a freedom of my own?

Evolving Into Lovelight

by: Lucinda Kerrigan
April 26, 1998
copyright pending

Moonlight illuminates my windowpane
Neutralizing loneliness and shielding me from your
Omniscient moon-ray blooming the indiglo daisies
In your heart as the sea waters part

While a silver fish glides along the
Internal ocean tank wave
I dream a dream of the day
When I will be saved from all of this
Overbearing solitary pain

Then, repulsive shadows take away
An enormous shake while sharing
Moments together with you and I
Inside on our lathering bed making love
Above needed languid music with
Warmth pouring inside from an open sky
Catching our incubate eye though
Only occurring when the wind
Is blowing freely amidst and
Among a French peril night
Sordidly screaming for a light
To cry like a goddess ship lost
In diamond time waiting beside
A figurative line consisting of honey and perfect wine

This is what ran through my mind
Due to incurring repetitive moonlight
Renown as a deeper feeling
Evolving into lovelight

Looking for Inspiration

by: Lucinda Kerrigan
October 26, 2009
copyright pending

I seem to be on a long writer's block
My writing abilities are screaming to come out
Sometimes I just don't have anything new to say
But I am still looking for inspiration always anyway

I've turned a page
I am in a new chapter in my life
My past is now just
A shadow in my mind

Old memories plague me
From every which way
Good and bad
Night and day
I must decide which ones go
And which ones can stay
Sometimes it is hard to say
I guess memories come from
Things that happen commonly in life
But there are circumstances that try to stand in my way
Push me further to the edge
With nowhere to run away
So, I take control back into my hands
Like a puppeteer holding the strings
I am not going to let destiny and fear win the game

Looking ahead and walking forward
I am stronger today then I was yesterday
Just when I think
I am stuck in the middle of time
The present quickly goes into the past in my mind

Still, I keep looking for inspiration
But it isn't something just lying around
It isn't easy to find and it is expensive
Like a bottle of wine
Especially for a poet
Running out of rhymes

New Spring Reality

by: Lucinda Kerrigan
April 1, 1998
Copyright pending

Dreamily, I lift up my head
To gaze lovingly at the sun
As if your like its warmth
Filling me up inside my body and my heart
While I doze off into a light dream
With my head tucked underneath
A refreshing sleepiness in
This new spring reality

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Lost Soul

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
1st Draft: June 25, 1995
Final draft: May 11, 2008
Copyright pending

Like a ship at sea
My soul has been anchored
At the embodied harbor

Floating endlessly
It ceases to welcome the
Nourishing water
Without acknowledging
Its surroundings
It continues to be lost

My lost soul at sea
Is calling out to me
I respond but it doesn't hear me
I wish there was something
That I could do now
I feel so blue
I will go and bring back
My lost soul

Afraid it will drift away
I bring it back before it's too late
Now I'm not as blue
Relief comes with time
I'm so glad I have my soul again
There is no way that I
Could live without it

I don't remember exactly
How I managed to bring it back
It doesn't matter anymore
Because it's here to stay

Finally I feel in control of
My lost soul after all the times
That it let go

Any day now I'll drag it back out
Into the tide of life
Traveling on a voyage
Is where this soul is bound to go

Onshore the wind is still
The rain of love keeps falling down

My lost soul has given me
Too much of an ordeal
Since its been back
It's quite a nuisance
So, I'm throwing it back into the sea
Where it will stay and
Never come creeping back

Beyond Love

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
July 28, 1998
Copyright pending

Alone on a desert
Adrift by the sea
I hear from afar
My lover calling out to me
Is this beyond love or a mere dream?

Hopelessly searching for an unknown desire
I keep on looking beyond love
Yet infatuation is still heard quite loudly

What is the next step?
Why is resolution not making
Much of any sort of sense?
If I could talk to you
Reach and out and touch the
Companionship  I miss
Would it be heaven again
Or a different sense of bliss?
Is this all there is?
Beyond love...beyond love...

Into a secret bypass under a bridge
I can feel our likeness almost
As if your here and each time
Your lips move or you think
That I can hear your thoughts well
I do because beyond love
Anything can happen out of a dreaming mood

The Secrets of His Heart

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
May 25, 1997
copyright pending

Love is like a wonderfully smelling flower
Love is like an invisible touch
When you need it
It's always there for you

Love is like a fresh ripe piece of fruit
If love is so much like a piece of fruit
Then I just wanna eat you all up

Whether life gives you lemons or licorice
Love never seems to be too bitter or sweet
Love is so good to you
That all you wanna do is engulf it
Until there is nothing left but the core

Then, one day, it feels like something is missing
Though everything is really snug in place
And you wish you could tell what's wrong
By the expression on his face

Maybe it's nothing really special
But you wish that he would tell you more
And you keep on hoping that someday
He will tell you
The secrets of his heart

Unity of the Human Heart, Mind Spirit & Soul

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
March 20, 1997
Copyright pending

I do not understand
Why ignorance is a cold
Ruler of the heart
Why some people let life
Drag them through each day
Why some people can love well
And others can't no matter how hard they try

But most of all I do not
Understand why innocent children
Are forced to live up to all of
Society's expectations and are
Hushed when a creative ideal
Is considered odd by the
Adult world when they don't want
To try to understand because
It's classified as too complex
For their small minds

Instead though, what I
Do understand most
Are the dedicated individuals
Like I who love to love and
Work for unity of the human heart, mind, spirit & soul

Monday, October 10, 2011

The "Apology" Poem

by: Lucinda Kerrigan
date: March 17, 1997
copyright pending

What you have done for me
I have no idea
But I would like to show you
How much I appreciate all you've
Done for me by

Giving you a present that isn't monetary
For as you know I can not
Give any money away at this time
Maybe someday I will be fortunate and able
To help you in that way

For now, I have been granted
The ability to create, withhold
And present something of
Much greater value it is from
My heart to yours and the gift is;
This poem.

Life is More Than Words

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
March 31, 2008
Copyright pending

Self discovery takes an eternity
It's a process of
Reaching in, reaching out
Calling out to God
Every day and night
For life's answers
Until you wanna scream and shout

Life is a gift
Frequently mishandled and
Lost in the shuffle in this busy world
Taken for granted we walk a driven never ending road

Then love comes in and everything
Gets unturned and always seems to
Make us go crazy
Turning our minds upside down
Now there is no easy way out

We get stuck on the same path
We keep trying to go forward
But just get more pushed back
Under a massive attack
Our very essence is on the line
Something is gonna happen
I don't know what
Or when or how to explain this feeling
But one thing I can say
Is life is more than words

Magnetically Bound

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
March 18, 1997
copyright pending

Over thinking the young man
Lathered and drooled when he saw her
It was like a chocolate pound playing musically
With a petal rose

Then, the winter wind
Shot madly away and some months then later
The summer wind came blowing in verociously
Which started to cook and seem to boil their skin
While the comfortable temperature
Magnetically bound their bodies to each other

The Transition

by: Lucinda Kerrigan
date: March 12, 1997
copyright pending

His heart is of gold
And his brain works
Constantly like a steel mill

There's a weirdness all about this big
Ole lonely world
And this young man
I know used to feel so lonely
Not anymore though for his senses are becoming
More unique and the horizon in his perceptive life
Is broadening and becoming more alive

Its as if he got
Whacked on the side of the head
By an eighteen wheeler that
Crushed some road kill on
The side of the highway
Amazingly, I've always
Known what this feels like
To me its as if we were
Meant to be soul mates

Final Plight

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
Date: January 23, 1997
Copyright pending

I look around and see a bright light
Staring straight down at me
I long to touch the energy
But some warning goes off within me

Why can only the vibration
Be felt from within this
Light when time is
Irreverently passing me by?

What will come from
The quickening or shortening of this millennia?
When, the last second strikes
Will we still be around
To strongly combine together
As a world like ours needs to
Or, will the past and present
Intrograde into the future
Causing a massive space excursion
Shaking us to our final plight?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Love in the Airplane

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
Date: December 27, 1995
Copyright pending

Above the ground
In the sky
Our love will be able to fly
Maybe when you
Pass over me
I can see you staring down at me
Jump down and land
In my lap or
Lower a chute for me
To climb up to you
So I won't be as lonely and blue
Here alone without you
So farewell darling
I will miss you

Catch A Falling Star

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
Sep. 1995
Copyright pending

In the evening
At just the right time
If you catch a falling star
Good luck will come to you

Make a wish and hope
That it comes true
Sometimes a little
Fortune is just what you
Need to light up your day

Someday when your just about to lose
A falling star will win your heart
Just look up at the sky and pray
That you'll catch a falling star

The Night My Spirit Rose

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
October 28, 1995
Copyright pending

My spirit has risen
Into the light
From which it came from
Under my lover's eyes

In a sense
Underneath my outer soul
There is a hole that needs to be filled
It feels like a huge void
That is beginning to go paranoid

Then one night a drastic change
Bestowed upon me while I was
Gasping for air which I found some air
Afterwards deep within his chest
Suddenly, like a knight falling from the sky;
Time stopped for a moment
For, I have found true happiness within me

Irrelevant Time

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
November 8, 1995
Copyright pending

Time, what does it mean?
Its only a mechanism that ticks and tocks
Or is it a feeling of existence?

I often feel like it fades and
Comes back again and sometimes flies
At night, while asleep it passes by
Like a quick breeze

Sometimes I wonder why it matters
When time is slow I want to shoot the clock
Other moments I wish it would
Fly away with its flock


By: Lucinda Kerrigan
Date: September 1995
copyright pending

Your lips are sweet
But your mouth is sweeter
Your hands are soft
But your heart is softer
Your feet may be firmly
Planted in the ground
Except that your heart
Above all will always
Be embedded in my chest
Which will bear fruit
Someday and be eaten whole

An Ode to What Can Not Be Explained

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
March 12, 1997

Draped across a leg
The lover awaits for a
Reluctant feeling to disintegrate
Then, as if a cannon was shot
A storm arises in his groin
To create a spurge of disbelief
And a realization with an array
Of rainbows crusading down
Into a place with a vast
Recollection and variation
Of meanings that reminds
A prospector of an underground operation
That was taking place
Sometime during the Civil War,
Which has not really ceased it seems,
For the modern world can easily verify
Such a queer and commentary speculation;
Love and hate for the fellow human

Complete Life

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
Written: June 2002
Copyright pending

I'm standing in the middle of another new era in my life
I'm thinking that I'm back where I started before
The crossroads winding, pulling, twisting and turning me
In an endless sense of direction

I need to find out how to resolve this interference
Stop blocking thoughts but instead reveal the
Creative side of my life again

I believe that life is not meant to be lived mundanely routine
Once in a while we all need a challenge or an adventure
To make reality interesting

Wouldn't it be nice to stop worrying about the future
And live for today and tomorrow?
Going back and learning to retrain and retrace my steps
Is not going to be an easy thing to do but
I am too close to the light now to turn away
Because there may not come another chance in this lifetime

Or, instead of dwelling in the past
I should focus on what opportunities lies ahead even though
Right now those opportunities are not so clear
Communication is vital however and is the key to success
In life yesterday, today and tomorrow which also is the
Unlocking mechanism to make the crossroads straight
In every thought and in every situation in life again
Shall then be complete

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Starting Anew

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
Written Date: January 1997
Copyright pending

Feel the elasticity,
And static electricity,
When a new year arrives.
Feel the cold winter air,
Help create a resolution;
It's all part of starting anew.

Predicting the year ahead,
If you can, will re-surge your hope,
And give you a new outlook on life.

Rather than dwelling,
On the past,
Rely on your intuition,
To start anew.

Good will come,
To those who believe,
In the opposite of retrograde,
And to the ones,
Who take an oath to start anew!

The Red Badge of a Memory

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
Written: March 10, 1997
Copyright pending

The fearless appear forever strong
With an armor of courage
Strapped and embroidered across a shoulder
Somehow over time each thread
Became more and more unique
Not for the age of the garment
But for all of the nonchalant voices
That comes to one's mind
When courage is put to the test.

As an old friend,
We, return to the good 'ole
Red badge of courage and
Question whether it will turn blue.

The red badge suddenly heard our concerns,
On another dream wavelength yet
To become an experience
And a treasure that we will always remember
This red badge had to re-ensemble; a blue memory.

Love Music

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
Written: January 2, 2002

Painting a picture
Is like creating life over and over again
Turning and sketching different images on each
New blank page presents indefinite opportunities
Beyond love and beyond the calculation of time.

Societies come and societies go
But on thing I know that will remain always
Is that love music never dies
It is an art in which each song paints
A special portrait for our minds
Which is always changing and
Expanding our knowledge of the world
Causing a continuance in life's
Forever chorus of endurance and of spirit
Unlike anything else and...

Only God,
Can be the true concertmaster of this
Internal and external gift of love music
Because we are his players and illustrators
And now more than ever before
It is time to invent the next masterpiece
In the library of inventions and new creations
For our precious passionate life giving love music.
Now and forevermore.

The Rock of Time

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
Written: December 27, 2001
Copyright pending

I may have twisted image of the world,
Or the world may have a twisted image of me,
But I am remaining strong like a rock.

Time stands still in my mind,
Yet things continue to move,
From this point onward,
Stretching and reaching,
Towards the light.

This image in my mind,
Is forever expanding,
And recreating the rock of time.

A Dream Trail Bridging Love And Reality

written by: Lucinda Kerrigan
Date: Wednesday, March 28, 2007
copyright pending

I went out on the trail today
Looking for love to find me somehow, someday
Nature was speaking to me
Through the trees I heard
Earth whispering silent words
In which only I could discern

Through the wind
The soft spring breeze
Touched my soft skin and
Suddenly I felt emotions
From the past surrounding me again

As I turned and walked back
The other way
I felt like I was walking down
Memory lane

Stretching myself over each step
I came to a bridge
That layed ahead
With a split forking a new path
Where light and darkness met
The sun was approaching the time to set

Quickly and decisively I begin my ascend
I follow the calling from the other side of the bridge
My destiny is beckoning to me
To change direction
My heart is summoning to seek
New adventures and a love only known
As a different kind of free love
Waiting patiently

As I reached closer to the other side of the bridge
The sun is almost dipped underneath the edge of the sky
The horizon caught me by the eye
I extend my foot forward for the last step
Trying to outrace the final seconds
Before the night takes over
And moon starts to rise

Shaken inside my soul
I try to not let my emotions take control
I breathe in and close my eyes
Thoughts of you race passionately yet quickly leave me completely and forever
Yesterday's love
At the same instant  when I opened my eyes

Now, the trail and the bridge are gone are past me
I am now on the other side looking behind me
All of a sudden,
I wake up startled
Clinging to a pillow very tightly in a frenzied moment
I am now in the future and in my new life

I found myself in the present real world
With a handsome man
Lying beside me
With arms draped lovingly
Over my body

Startled from his sleep
When I jerked fiercely and quickly
He felt the motions
Rocking his body
Then he asked lovingly and with respect and concern;
"Sweetheart what is wrong"?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kaleidoscope Collision

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
March 4, 2008
Copyright pending

My brain is like a
Cuckoo kaleidoscope
Running on over time
With many colors
Crossing a fine line
Between genius and insanity
This so-called technological society
I pray won't kill me
I just, I just wanna be
Simple and free

I have a new attitude
My mood swings
Are half happy and
Half of everything else
Why can't I find a
Place in-between like
Medium over-easy?
Is there such a thing?

Then, one day, not too long ago,
I met a young fellow
And he is the one who keeps me
Peaceful and so very mellow

He is like an addiction
Can't get enough of his
Sweet love and his hazel eyes that
Stare into my blue ocean eyes
Uplifting our spirits high into the sky, yeah,
Our kaleidoscopes are gonna collide once
We see so clearly through to the other side

Past the night skies
Through the telescope
We will see all the way to
The other side of the milky way
Just him and me
Then as one on one we will embrace
And we will be totally free

May it come now
I feel a collision
On the horizon
Baby, crash into me
Hurry before it's too late
We must figure out however first,
Why the world treats us bad this way

The Tide In My Mind

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
Written date: November 11, 2003
Copyright pending

Today I feel like my mind is floating on the ocean
Separated from everything else in my life
But yet there is no where else in the world
That I would rather be than here feeling this
Feeling of free

Gently and delicately the waters caress their fingers over me
And soothe my intense spirit
Flowing so constantly in waves
Dancing to it's own rhythms

Uplifted into the sky from the ocean vibes
I feel so high
Life to me is beginning to feel more and more
Like a passage travelling through one moment of time
To the next tunnel of light
And I realize that there are many journeys in my life that await me
In future time

Gradually wisdom and knowledge are shaping and sculpting me
Into a newer more uniformed woman
Soon the darkness of the past will be behind me
The future has never looked so bright as it does tonight
Because right now I am riding out the tide in my mind

Monday, October 3, 2011

Driest Eyes

by: Lucinda Kerrigan
March 21, 2008
Copyright Pending

I must have the driest eyes
In the world tonight
When I should be
Crying for sorrow for being
Depressed and happy at the same time.

Oh God, why do my eyes
Not reflect what my heart is feeling right now
And don't even mention my mind and how
It gets to me all the time.

I feel like I've crossed this desert
Of loneliness before
It's becoming an every night tug of war
And I'm not sure
How much longer
I can keep my head
Above the rising waters

When I blink
A new day comes
And I still have
The driest eyes in the world

When will I, Oh God,
Find inner peace inside,
After all this time,
I've only caught a piece of it
A time or two.

Oh God, when I blink
My eyes fill with a few tears but
Don't stay long
They just pass through me
And I am still left alone and empty inside
Until happiness, joy and peace
Comes back into my life.

Spring is in the trees

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
April 14, 2009
Copyright pending

Spring is in the trees,
Where the blue bird's fly free,
They fly high into the sky,
Where they dance and sing.

They know the world's sorrows,
And hear our heart's bleed.

If I could be a bird,
I would be a bluebird,
A humming bluebird,
And pounce on everything.

Learning Patience

I pray oh God that people,
Can learn patience.
It goes hand in hand with motivation
And the ability to understand everybody all across the world's lands

Learning patience,
Is the desire and the will to work in unison with each other,
Brothers and sisters.

That is the process of learning patience,
A learned wisdom developed over time,
Not embittered in the heart.

The Spotted Sandpiper

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
Dated: April 14, 2009
Copyright pending

The prince of tides,
Rescued my broken heart,
And my broken soul,
He is helping me to stay normal,
And in complete control.

He is like a spotted sandpiper,
Making my empty heart sing and hum
Like a cozy humming cat all the year long.

Empty Inside Until You Came Into My Life

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
April 14, 2009

At a glance,
I felt hollow inside,
The world gave up on this,
Good person inside.

I felt all alone and in the dark,
I was feeling like I was going extinct my whole life,
Until you came into my life.

The Prince of Tides

By: Lucinda Kerrigan
April 14, 2009
Copyrighted 2011 pending

He made indigo buntings stand out
At easy to get to hot spots
His love flowed slowly and smoothly
Like a satin bowerbird

Now together we can be like hummingbird's
And swiftly snuff out the darkness of my no nonsense bipolar mind.

In A Pickle

Written by: Lucinda Kerrigan
April 14, 2009
Copyrighted 2011

My brain was in a pickle,
So I had to un-fry the egg.

I searched and prayed for forever and a day,
I traveled far and sought for answers way up high,
Into the sky.

Finally, inner peace entered into my mind.
Next thing I knew I found my new soulmate, my husband,
The prince of tides.

Nice to See You Again

Written by: Lucinda Kerrigan
July 2, 2008
Copyrighted 2011

As the wind blew,
My soft curly brown hair,
Against my cheek,
I heard a whisper through the breeze revealing;
happy thoughts to me.

I turned my head to feel,
Which way the wind was coming from;
Then, I saw a man walking down the street towards me.

As the man got closer,
I thought about you, dear.
Then, as the man crossed the street
And came into full view;
It was you, and I am glad it was...
It is nice to see you again.

My Favorite Most Published Poem

In The Clouds
By: Lucinda Kerrigan
Written date: 1995
Copyrighted 1998 by Lucinda Kerrigan

Lost in thought,
My mind flew away,
With the wind.

I called for the essence,
And it came to me,
From underneath my skin,
Silent Voices flutter past,
I ask myself "how much longer will this last?"
Unwillingly, my mind has been placed;
In the clouds.