Sunday, October 23, 2011

Next to My Heart

Written by: Lucinda Kerrigan
Date completed: October 23, 2011
Copyright pending

** This poem was three years in the writing! Completed today!**

Behind the rain
My tears have fallen
From the sky
And I thought about you
Then there you were
Like I was day dreaming

Along the sun rays
Beams of happy memories
From us together
Flood my mind

I reach out to a rainbow
Across a glacier
The way I used to
Reach out to you every night

As I close my eyes
I still envision
Our love the way
It was and to me
It will always be

After the sun sets
The moon will rise
And I will kiss the stars
To capture the feeling
Like when we kissed
A thousand rainbows lit up and glistened
Angels rejoiced in heaven at that moment
But now it is only a picture framed next to my heart

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